Classic Kitchen Color Palettes

The first thing which catches the eye when one is entering your kitchen is the color or colors incorporated in your room. Whether it’s a vivacious red, a pristine white, or a calming blue, your color scheme sets the mood for the entire space which is why it’s so important to choose paints which accurately reflect the tone desired for your kitchen. If you’re looking to revamp or resurface your kitchen, read below to see some of our favorite classic kitchen color palettes! Not only will you feel inspired for your possible kitchen remodel, but our article might also spark up a few new design ideas to revive your space!

Blues and Greys

Cool toned blues and greys work great in a kitchen space. These shades have a very calming effect and instantly put the mind to ease creating a soothing work environment. Not only do blues and grey work beautifully painted on your walls, but they also can be implemented in a funky backsplash, barstools, and if you’re feeling bold, the cabinetry too!

Staple White

White is a classic and staple color for the kitchen. This trend has been around for ages and it’s a look which is here to stay! Having white in your kitchen immediately gives a clean and pristine feel to your room. By aiding the natural light, white brightens any room resulting in an uplifting atmosphere. The best part of implementing white in your kitchen is that it matches anything. Looking to add some character with some red shutters or thinking of implementing two-toned cabinetry? With a white color base anything is possible!

Natural Earth Tones

Natural and Earthy tones have become increasingly popular with homeowners. This color scheme often involves whites, different wood species, greys, neutrals, and an addition of greenery. All these elements produce an organic look and feel to the room while simultaneously embracing nature with open arms.


Using a neutral color scheme has always been a huge hit with our customers! Neutral colors have a wide spectrum of tones they can convey and can essentially provide homeowners with a blank canvas in terms of kitchen design. A neutral color palette is extremely versatile and exudes a minimalistic style.

Bright and Cheery with Yellow

Implementing a soft yellow allows homeowners to avoid having an overpowering hue. Since this color is often associated with sunniness and happiness, a soft yellow works splendidly with the natural light by enhancing the warmth in the room. A soft yellow strays away from the typical kitchen color palettes which is great if you’re looking to make a statement or personalize your space. You can accomplish this with a painted yellow cabinet, yellow walls, or even yellow tones in different wood species.

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