Kitchen Island Ideas: Ultra-Functional and Indispensable

The Kitchen Island – The All-Purpose Space

With today’s kitchen landscape, the island is most typically the focal point of one’s room. Not only does the island provide versatility in the design of the room by coming in any shape, color, or style; but the kitchen island also serves a multitude of purposes. From a cooking station to a food prep center to a beverage counter to a breakfast/snack bar and even transforming into clean up worktop, your kitchen island can handle an array of functions. The islands ultra-functionalism helps improve efficiency in the kitchen and is such a great place to entertain guests.

Will an Island Fit in my kitchen?

Kitchen islands can be present and functional in every kitchen. In small kitchens which do not allow for lots of extra space, many homeowners choose to use a small movable island with wheels. This transportable food prep center can be added to a workspace near the sink when preparing a meal, and then simply moved back to the range or cook-top to cook.

Kitchen islands seem to be highlighted the most in L-shaped or U-shaped rooms, but if a wide enough galley presents itself an island can greatly enhance productivity. Square shaped kitchens are also another remodeling world favorite to showcase kitchen islands.

Where homeowners install their kitchen islands should be a strategic and well-thought of placement. A properly designed custom kitchen island can shorten the distance between workstations and ease traffic. Sometimes, if the space is large enough, homeowners implement two kitchen islands rather than one to avoid congestion in the room. Two islands provide extra workspace right where it is needed.

What are my Island Options?

Since islands are the focal point of the kitchen, they present an opportunity to be beautifully decorated with carvings, moldings’, corbels, brackets, and gracefully curved countertops with elegant edging. Installing a lighted display space for prized china, crystal or a teapot collection is a sure way to dazzle your visitors and leave them in a state of awe. Shelves for cookbooks maybe with a bead board backing is another great addition giving your kitchen some warmth and character.

Specialized Countertop Uses

A custom kitchen island typically serves more than one function and can have more than one countertop surface. Maybe butcher block in one area for food prep, and solid surfaces or granite for the cooking or eating area resulting in an easy cleanup. Many people who enjoy baking have a piece of marble set into their kitchen island countertop for rolling out cookie dough or pie crusts. Tailor your island to help better fulfill your kitchens intended purposes.

Above the Island

Pots and pans can be stored in a deep drawer under the island cook-top. However, if you feel it almost criminal to hide your beautiful cookware in a drawer some homeowners choose to hang it over the island on a pot hanger. These hangers create lots of visual appeal to the space and are available in a multitude of styles. Some also have island lighting built right in. Two-way cabinets are a very popular idea for a custom kitchen island and can be installed with glass doors and a plate rack which allows for breakfast dishes, glasses, and cups to be easily accessible. To have the upmost efficiency in your kitchen, utilize all of the benefits and functions an island possesses.

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