Surprising Ways That You’re Damaging Your Kitchen Counters

The counters in your kitchen are a huge investment, and after they’ve been installed, you want to do everything you can to make sure they last for years to come. Unfortunately, because your kitchen counters are subject to constant use, there are countless ways you may be damaging your counters without even realizing it.

If you want to be certain that your kitchen counters stay looking great, it’s a good idea to learn about the ways you may be unknowingly harming your countertops. Here are a few surprising ways you may be harming your kitchen counter and advice to help you know when it’s time for a kitchen counter replacement.

Too Much Weight

Primarily, the countertops in your kitchen are used as a storage and workspace, meaning you may have a large number of items on your counters at all time. While kitchen counters were designed for this purpose, keeping too much weight on your countertops can be very damaging and may result in the need for a replacement sooner rather than later.

Too much weight on countertops, particularly on the edges and corners, can cause cracks, splits, and other forms of damage. To prevent this type of damage, you should avoid placing heavy items, including appliances, on your counters to prevent this issue.

Improper Maintenance Practice

If you’re the type of person who always wants to make sure their counters look like new, then you probably clean your counters on a regular basis. Cleaning is an important part of counter maintenance, but if you’re using the wrong cleaning supplies, you will be doing more harm than good.

If the countertops in your home were made using granite or natural stone, you need to use a gentle cleaner. Using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on your stone counters can cause them to fade over time. When this occurs, the only way to fix the issue is a kitchen counter replacement. If you want to keep your counters clean without doing damage, you should stick to plain soap and water.

Heat Damage

In most people’s homes, the kitchen counters hold cooking appliances such as slow cookers, microwaves, and toaster ovens. While these appliances certainly make cooking much easier, they also pose a threat to the longevity of your countertops.

Some of the countertop appliances can put out a tremendous amount of heat, and depending on the material used for your countertop, this heat can cause serious damage such as cracking. Before you use any of these appliances, check with your counter manufacturer to see how vulnerable your counters are to heat. Even if your counters are heat resistant, you may want to put something under these appliances for extra protection.

Putting pans fresh out of the oven onto the countertop can also cause heat damage. Hot pans can easily cause discoloration on kitchen counters, which can impact the overall look of your kitchen. Make sure that you have a pan holder or some other type of barrier on hand so that you can avoid burning your counter with hot pots or pans.

Keep Your Counter Dry

One of the most overlooked harms to your kitchen counter is water damage. Whether it’s from washing dishes or preparing a meal, water can easily pool on your counter, and when it does, it may result in a buildup of crust that is very unsightly. This is a particular threat in homes where the mineral content of the water is very high.

Also, some countertop materials are very water absorbent, and if you leave water standing for a long period of time, it can possibly cause warping. When you notice water on your countertops, wipe it away immediately. Then, use a towel to thoroughly dry your counter to eliminate the possibility of water damage.

Working on Your Counter

Having ample counter space is a crucial part of being able to prepare meals in your kitchen. That being said, while you’re working with your ingredients, you may cause your counters a great deal of unseen damage. Making sure that you’re using your counterspace the right way will help maintain them better over time.

For example, you should never chop or cut food items directly on your countertop. By cutting directly on your counters, you may damage the sealant that is meant to prevent water damage. In addition, numerous scratches and nicks can drastically deteriorate your counter’s appearance, which will also limit your enjoyment of this room. Always use a cutting board when chopping or cutting on your kitchen counter to preserve the look and functionality of the surface.

Some common food items can also cause damage to your kitchen countertops. Marble countertops, for instance, are extremely vulnerable to acid. This means that spilling lemon juice, wine, or vinegar on your marble counters can cause the surface to dull very quickly. If you have marble counters, be sure to keep your acidic food items somewhere else so that your counters stay looking great.

The Threat of Sun Damage

If you’re like most people, you want your kitchen to feel bright and open, and the best way to achieve this feel is by installing multiple windows so that there is plenty of natural light in your kitchen. Sunlight, while giving your kitchen a warm and inviting aesthetic, may also be a threat to your kitchen counters, meaning you need to be aware of how much natural light exposure your kitchen has.

When laminate countertops are frequently exposed to sunlight, their color can quickly fade. Similarly, sunlight has been known to damage sealants used on wood countertops. If you want to prevent these issues, you should make sure that your shades are drawn when the sunlight is the brightest. While this may make your kitchen a little darker, it will go a long way toward preserving your countertops.

Help with a Kitchen Counter Replacement

Even if you’re vigilant about protecting your kitchen counters, it’s still possible that they will be damaged in some way. If you’re countertops have suffered major damage, or if you’re simply ready for something new, then you should schedule a kitchen counter replacement with the Kitchen Solvers team.

Also, for more information on all the different countertop choices, see our articles, The Pros and Cons of Five Popular Countertops and Choosing Kitchen Countertops.

Kitchen Solvers makes remodeling your kitchen fun and easy, and our professionals would be glad to help you install gorgeous and functional countertops in your home. Stop by a Kitchen Solvers location today to talk about your kitchen counter options and to learn a little more about counter maintenance.

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