Trending Kitchen Styles for 2021

In 2020, a great deal of our time was spent inside of our homes uncertain of what the future would hold. This period of time placed a larger emphasis on the importance of one’s home. Functionality, layout, and style were taken into greater account and homeowners more closely analyzed their space. As a result once the economy began to start up again, there was a boom within the home improvement industry. Homeowners were determined to make their dream home and kitchen a reality. Below are some of the trending kitchen styles which we think will become more popular in 2021.

Warm Color Schemes

Warmer shades are expected to replace cool tones in kitchens worldwide. A kitchen is so much more than a place to cook and prepare food. It’s a room where you can entertain guests and socialize! Since warm colors evoke feelings of compassion and comfort, these hues help foster a welcoming and inviting kitchen environment. These warm color palettes pair well with natural wood tones, woven textures, and gold kitchen fixtures.

More Cabinet Storage

In the previous year, the vast majority of kitchen renovations included at least some cabinet changes. The need for increased storage space is always present within a home. When designing your kitchen layout, it’s always best to incorporate more storage space than expected. This space fills up quickly and can be used to serve a spectrum of purposes. Check out our more in-depth information, if you’re looking to expand your storage space!

Quality Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become a growing demand amongst homeowners due to its upscale, contemporary look. These countertops are not only easy to care for but also super durable. Quartz is a non-porous material, so it resists staining much better than other countertop materials such as marble. Covid-19 reinstated the value of keeping a clean home. Being a non-porous surface also means Quartz cannot harbor bacteria or viruses!

Organic Style

Within recent years, more homeowners have opted for an organic style kitchen. This style encompasses similar polishes to that of a contemporary design such as clean, straight lines. However, an organic style’s distinguishing factor is placed on the warmth and textures of natural materials. An organic kitchen design closely parallels nature and seamlessly blends in the outside world. It incorporates natural light, whites, organic materials, and often times plants. This style is simplistic and rooted in the minimalism of nature.

Larger Islands

The benefits to having a larger kitchen island are numerous. Implementing a larger kitchen island gives you the ability to create a greater amount of counter space, more storage space, have a larger work area, and seat more people. An island also adds versatility to the kitchen by making it a causal gathering place and designated homework area.

Kitchen Solvers

If you are considering implementing some of the predicted 2021 kitchen trends, feel reach out to our team at Kitchen Solvers! Our team will work with you to create the perfect kitchen design and layout that will cater to your home’s aesthetic and functionality needs. Contact us today to get started! Also, be sure to check out our latest blogs on What Types of Countertops Compliment White Cabinetry? and Classic Kitchen Color Palettes.