Bathroom Trends Predicted for 2021

The bathroom is a safe space or place of solitude for many homeowners. Having a few minutes of peace or a steaming hot shower after a long tiresome day, helps one to relax after encountering the daily stressors of life. Bathroom designs not only offer an aesthetic appeal but can also make the space easier to clean and be kept tidy. For homeowners looking to remodel or redesign, here are some of the predicted bathroom trends for 2021.

Design of Modern Bathrooms

Geometric patterns are anticipated to be a huge hit for this upcoming year. This design embraces funky tile coverings and shapes. It can always play a big role in architectural and structural details. Along with geometry, simplistic bathrooms with straight lines have become very popular with homeowners. This design welcomes simplicity by incorporating lots of mirrors, a neutral or black and white color scheme, and clearly arranged accessories.

Color Trends

Recently, black has been trending in bathroom designs. Black is an excellent color for detail and helps draw attention to designs. Cool tones such as greens, blues, and pastels are a favorite among homeowners for bathrooms. These colors help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Lastly, white and beige are timeless classics which will never go out of style. They make any bathroom space appear clean and pristine.

New Materials

Organic and natural looks have been on the up and coming for the remodeling industry. As a result, wooden flooring in bathrooms has become present in many designs fully embracing the organic trend. Stone flooring or tiling has also been on the rise. These materials offer a simple and down-to earth look.

Trends from 2020 that will carry over into 2021

Brass finishes on accessories adds a luxurious touch to any space. Framed mirrors also place another element of design and detail to the bathroom. These small touches can easily upgrade a simple bathroom. Deep soaking tubs are an age-old aesthetic which not only appeal to the eyes but are also the best way to unwind after a crazy day. This bathroom addition is a huge hit amongst homeowners. Sometimes, committing to a bold color or funky design can be overwhelming and stressful. Shaped tile is a great way to give a space character without completely stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

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